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March 2023 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Corey, Pete, Wynn, Aaron, Josh, Matt, Shayna, Michelle, Mike, Sam, Maryanne

Staff member: Amanda

Total Attendees: 23

  • Start: 7:07pm
  • End: 8:43 PM


  • Community Needs Assessment
    • Presented by Amanda
    • Will be posted on the website when it is finalized
  • DOT Presentation
    • Apology for the previous presentation’s technical difficulties
    • Update and review of the last meeting
      1. Proposal 1: Reducing 2 travel lanes down to 1
        1. Huntingdon Ave and 28th intersection design is under review.
        2. Howard St. intersection would have a travel lane
      2. Proposal 2: Removal of parking lane
    • Can provide feedback until April 1st at
  • Updates from Odette
  • Board Recruitment
  • Votes
    • Change in Bylaws of all board and Exec terms to 2 years, from current one year. Keeping the Max term limit of 2 terms for the President.
      • Membership dues should be brought up to 12 dollars.
      • Vote to propose to the community the above changes to the bylaws
    • Approval of Minutes from past board meetings
      • Vote to approve all previous minutes