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Joining GRIA

We live in a great neighborhood. Let’s make it even better together!

GRIA is an independent, resident-based group that provides an open forum for the development and discussion of Remington community issues and neighborhood improvement initiatives. GRIA hopes to make Remington an even safer, greener, more vibrant and socially connected community.

To accomplish this, we need you. Join GRIA today!

Membership dues: $10 a year or just 4 hours of volunteer service

Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings and community events. Membership entitles residents to fully participate in GRIA meetings through voting and eligibility to serve on the board of directors. You don’t have to come to our monthly meetings to be engaged in GRIA or to be a member–

How to join:

  • Fill out an Application and bring it with your dues or volunteer pledge to any of our monthly meetings on the third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at Kromer Hall at 335 W. 27th Street, Baltimore MD 21211.
  • Join online (link coming soon!)