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City Services

Contact Your Elected Officials

  • City Council District 14
    Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke
    100 N. Holliday Street, Room 550
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202
    Office Phone: 410-396-4814
  • City Council District 12
    Councilman Robert Stokes
    100 N. Holliday Street, Room 523
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202
    Office Phone: 410-396-4811

Neighborhood Liaisons are representatives of the Mayor and the City Council President. They will work with communities to address concerns and assist with projects. They are also great resources if you have a concern and you’re not sure who to turn to with it. Remington is also divided amongst Council Districts 12 and 14 and those representative council members are listed as well. You can contact them directly, or go through GRIA. We’re happy to help! You can email

  • Mayor’s Office
    Neighborhood Liaison, NW Baltimore
    Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods
    City Hall, Room 250
    100 N. Holliday Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21202
    (410) 396-4735 (office)

Legal Services

The Community Law Center provides legal services and technical assistance to improve the quality of life and economic viability of communities.

Their web address is

Community Law Center is now on facebook!
To become a fan, please see the link below!

Speed camera

Donate through United Way? Write in “Community Law Center”! City employees can designate the Community Law Center with #1019. Thank you for your support!


Call 311 or go to Make sure to ask your operator for, and write down, a tracking number!

Go to the “Tips for Using 311” link for information on how to use the system wisely, and make sure you get results!

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If you’ve called several times about the same problem, and it has not been abated, please contact GRIA at

If a crime is in progress, or there is a medical or fire emergency, dial 911.