The Land Use Committee meets every first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Currently meetings are being held via Zoom (link will be provided when available). Meetings are open to everyone. The Land Use Committee discusses:

  • zoning issues
  • transportation, including traffic calming, bus routes, parking, pedestrian safety, and bike lanes
  • business (we invite new or potential business owners to come talk with the committee about their ideas, especially if a City Council vote is required for a variance)

If you are interested in being a voting member on the Land Use Committee, please contact The Land Use Committee is made up of five Remington residents, one member of GRIA’s board (chairperson), and up to five stakeholders (business and/or land owners in the neighborhood). Land Use Committee members, as of September 2020 are:

  • KC Kelleher (committee chair)
  • Jed Weeks
  • Andrew Cazier
  • Peter Morrill
  • Phong Le
  • Ryan McAlpine
  • Sean McCarthy
  • Fringe Salon (stakeholder member)
  • Charmingtons (Dan Scott) (stakeholder member)
  • Church of the Guardian Angel (stakeholder member)
  • Seawall Development (stakeholder member)

Previous Land Use Committee members include:

  • Ted Hendricks
  • Peter Burkill
  • Katie Chen (stakeholder member)

Commercial Facade Improvement Matching Grant program

Commercial property owners in Remington can apply for up to $20,000 in matching funds to cover expenses related to new signage, doors, exterior lighting, painting, and landscaping. The Land Use Committee will begin reviewing applications after March 17, 2017.Visit for full details.

Traffic calming on 28th and 29th Street

Visit for details and photos of traffic calming measures planned in Remington.

Flexpost curb extension design photos (click on the design specifications below to view larger images)

28th.Remington Intersection Improvement

28th and Remington intersection

29th.Remington Intersection Improvement

29th and Remington intersection

Land Use Committee meeting minutes