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Remington Green Corridors

The three corridors addressed by the Remington Green Corridors project have high volumes of car, pedestrian, and vehicle traffic along them. In an effort to focus our efforts on providing community amenities, GRIA’s work in the past decade for cleaning and greening has been largely focused on the low-stress residential streets. Improvements have been made block by block, and tree-pit by tree- pit over the years. While this work continues to this day with maintenance and annual plantings, in late 2022, our community identified a need to focus on the high-volume corridors of Remington for our next phase of greening.

The 28th and 29th corridor (W 28th & W 29th street between Sisson St and Howard) and Howard Street Corridor (Howard Street between W 29th and W 25th) are supported in part through large development and businesses who have taken it upon themselves to improve the areas directly abutting their property, but the vast majority of these corridors still have large opportunities for improvement through increased green space.

Remington Green Corridors will:

  • Increase the quantity of pits available for planting
  • Increase size of existing pits
  • Remove over 3400 sq ft of non-permeable pavement
  • Plant over 100 Trees
  • Plant over 100 Plants in 56 newly created and 45 expanded tree-pits
  • Include professional maintenance of plantings for 2 years, in-kind and paid
  • Provide volunteer community greening events expanding on professional maintenance of installed and expanded pits
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Examples of locations for new and expanded tree wells along 28th and 29th.