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Trees in Remington!

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Would you like to see more trees in Remington?

GRIA will be working with the Baltimore Tree Trust to install new and maintain existing street trees, but we need your help! We can begin installing trees once we have 30 people signed up to take part in their four-part TreeKeepers training classes.

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TreeKeepers 101
This class is an overview of how our urban forest helps our city, the Chesapeake Bay, and our personal health and well-being.

TreeKeepers 102
Learn how trees grow and how the way we plant and care for them affects their growth and development.

TreeKeepers 201
Review of key concepts; sharing field experiences; urban stresses on trees; volunteer project management, and guidelines for community forestry; and a hands-on soil testing activity.

TreeKeepers 202
This class is designed to teach volunteers basic on-the-ground pruning techniques for young trees that will help in developing good tree canopy structure.

Complete the interest form!

We’ll be holding on to your contact information until we have enough interest to start the course. Please encourage your neighbors to sign up! Contact with any questions.