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GRIA needs your support

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Dear GRIA Supporter,

We have come a long way in the past year. It has been a successful 2009 for Remington.

  • The Remington Stories art show in May kicked off a collaborative process to create the first ever Remington Community Plan, and lots of progress has been made on this document.
  • The Remington Youth Community Radio project had a great year, engaging youth and adults, documenting stories, and even making the front cover of the Citypaper (Radio Remington).
  • The Hauntingdon Avenue Halloween event was huge, drawing crowds from both Remington and beyond and literally putting Remington on the map.
  • Over the summer, we facilitated a youth gardening workshop that resulted in lots of veggies and fruit trees being planted in the neighborhood.
  • The Village Green community garden continues to both provide food and inspire residents.
  • The sanitation committee has been busy cleaning streets and alleys, working with Hopkins students to complete projects in Remington, and working with code enforcement to address problem areas in Remington.
  • The blue-box gardens were blooming and will continue to be maintained.
  • We’ve handled the distributed the newsletters to almost every household in the neighborhood every month, launched and maintained a fantastic website (thanks, Reggie and Dan!) -, and have made productive partnerships with nearby organizations and community associations, including the Friends of Wyman Park Dell and the Charles Village Community Association.

In addition, we are very close to incorporating as an official organization, thus providing a sustainable structure that can keep GRIA organized for many years to come. In order to accomplish this goal and make GRIA official, and also in order to keep all of our programs and events running into next year, we are politely requesting that if you support what we’re doing and want to see GRIA grow in 2010 that you contribute a small amount ($10 or less) either at tonight’s monthly meeting or by contacting me at info.gria ‘at’ to set up a time and place to donate.

We need $300 in order to get the help needed to work through the Community Law Center to complete our bylaws, file the paperwork, and take the other necessary steps to incorporate GRIA. If everyone gives $10 we can easily make this goal. Although it is certainly not mandatory, please consider bringing $10 (or even $5 will help!) with you to tonight’s meeting. We meet at 7pm at the Church of the Guardian Angel on 27th Street.

Thank you, and thanks to everyone who has contributed time to helping the neighborhood,

– Eric

President, GRIA

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