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“Spruce Up” Grant awarded to Remington resident

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The Homewood Community Partnership Initiative “Spruce Up” grant awardees were notified on April 23rd and Huntingdon Avenue resident Nellie Power was happy to receive the news that her proposal was funded!

The project, known as Huntingdon Avenue- Wyman Park Path Improvements will achieve many goals: Fill a gap in existing community/city walking and bike trail plans, improve the existing path by extending it, create a bike crossing at the juncture of the path at Wyman Park Drive, increase community awareness of the historical significance of the site and provide continued opportunities for community contribution to the project and the location.

The grant funding will cover the costs of extending the path, adding beautiful landscaping and trees to the site, installing a  historical marker with information and a photograph of the streetcar bridge that used to occupy the site, and the bike crossing creation.

Additional community and financial support for an entrance archway (perhaps through a competition in collaboration with city arts groups) will be sought to truly round out the project. GRIA will serve as ‘fiscal agent’ for the project, building our experience and capacity to serve in that role for other community members who apply for grants.