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September 2021 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting 09/15/2021

Board Members Present: Aaron, Corey, Matt, Phong, Emma, Maryanne, Josh

Staff member Present: Amanda

Total Attendees: ~30

Start: 7:07pm

End: 8:17pm


  • Business Presentations & Q&A
    • Mend Acupuncture (Kim)
      • Moved from Hampden to Remington Row
      • Acupuncture focused group
        1. Community style
        2. Private Sessions
      • Covid safety protocols are in place
      • 20% discount for new patients
    • Blacksauce Kitchen (Damian)
      • Recovered this year from a fire
      • Limited hours
        • Thursdays 12pm-8pm
        • Saturdays 8am-12pm
      • Vegetarian options are available
      • Catering can be requested at
        1. You can also visit the shop when they are open.
    • Cafe Los Sueños (Carlos and/or Elizabeth)
      • Opened in the last couple of months
      • Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00-3:00
      • Looking for a new baker
    • JBGB’s (Robert)
      • 11am-3pm Lunch 
      • 5pm-10pm Dinner
      • Primarily a pizza shop, with a butcher shop attached
      • Looking for feedback to make the space work for the community
      • Staffing has been a struggle for the entire dining/bar industry, give some grace to our staff.
      • In the future, possibly October 23rd, there may be a neighborhood meet and greet.
    • Mount Royal Soap Co. (Matt)
      • 28th street
      • Appreciate the support of the neighborhood in the last few years
      • Done a lot of beautification around the shop
      • Night market opening
      • Most of the soaps are now being made about a mile away in Druid Hill due to demand
      • Gifts are also available
    • Charmingtons (Amanda)
      • 26th and Howard St.
      • Open for indoor cafe service in July
        • Planning to stay open
      • Vegan and vegetarian options are available
      • Catering available
  • Bill and the Alley Rats
    • Cleared 26th to 28th, Sission to Huntingdon
    • Cleaned out and broomed
    • Some of these alleys and backyard have been overrun with rats
    • Cicadas are partly to blame
    • Bill is asking for GRIA and our neighbors to make sure our alleyways are kept clean and clear.
  • Flyer Routes – Corey 

Community Announcements

  • Odette Ramos
  • Robert Stokes
  • Phong Le
    • R House Community Kitchen
      • Every other week on Wednesday
    • Looking for volunteers to provide support now that the school year has started back up.
      1. Contact if you’re interested!
  • Corey Jennings and Emma
    • Please donate to
    • It helps to keep the community connected and supported, while providing for all the projects we’ve been able to give to Remington.
  • Germaine with DPW