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September 2020 Community Meeting Notes

Small Businesses present their status and a Q/A with Brandon Scott

Board Members Present: Emma, Aaron, Shannon, Phong, Corey, Matt, Wynn, Aden, Shayna, Josh, Sam, Maryanne

Staff member: Amanda

Total Attendees: 60

Start: 7:03pm

End: 8:45pm

Votes: None

Community Announcements


  • Business Presentations
    • Mount Royal Soap Co. (Matt Williams)

      • Have expanded their production capabilities for soap and sanitizer to meet demand.
      • Had their first sidewalk sale on the newly installed sidewalk extensions this past week, more to come.
      • Not quite open for browsing but online orders can be picked up outside storefront
      • commercial space next door is available for lease
    • Fringe Salon (Laura Schneider)
      • Doing trainings via Zoom
      • Currently open 7 days a week
      • Support the ACLU event this sunday
      • Temperature is taken, hand sanitizer and PPE being used.
      • outdoor cuts may be possible, still working out logistics; speak with your stylist about it
    • Old Market Barbers (Daniel Wells)
      • Just haircuts, no beard work being done
      • By appointment only
      • Cost has increased to $25
      • At 40% capacity
      • Support the ACLU event this sunday as well
    • Sweet 27 (Suraj Bhatt)
      • Outdoor seating has been made available
      • No indoor seating
        • If they open indoor seating, it will be at 20% capacity
      • Bakery is open
      • Bathroom is open for customers (one reserved for them, one for staff)
    • Ottobar (Tecla Tesnau)
      • Current Hours (Patio- Thurs-Sat 7pm-11pm) for cocktails , occasional food trucks, trivia
      • COVID-19 protocols : Most service is outdoors (required masks, temp checks for limited entry into the venue)
      • Oct 17th Save the Ottobar raffle ( starting at 3pm on site) and art auction via Ebay
      • Trivia- every Thurs. (7:30-9pm) on the patio
      • Contact Tecla Tesnau via or
    • Charmington’s (Amanda Rothschild)
      • Doing bodega style sundries for pickup along with regular carryout options (coffee, tea, sandwiches, breakfast, etc)
      • Outdoor seating area and pickup window on 26th; no service indoors
      • Wednesday the 23rd they will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary with free drip coffee all day
    • Mission Fit (Wesley Jamison)
      • Has been closed for 4 months
      • Have been working out in the park
      • Can’t currently host any kids in their space.
      • or

    • B. Willow (Liz Vayda)
      • 4 customers are now allowed in the shop at a time
      • Shop Open for Customers Mon-Fri 11am-6pm
      • Open for Pickup: Mon-Fri 2pm-6pm
      • Reorganized the space, and every Monday donate 10% of sales to a featured non-profit (this month’s is Baltimore Youth Arts)

    • Lor Tush (Nnadagi, owner, and Lauren Hilinski)
    • Get Shredded Vintage (Sara Autrey)
    • The Codex Club (Andrea Chen)
  • Q/A with Brandon Scott
    • Video will be posted soon!