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Robbery suspects arrested

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A memo from Major Kimberly Burrus of the Northern District:

On January 10, 2014 at approximately at 9:43 pm Northern District officers responded to the 3000 block of N. Charles St. to investigate a robbery. The victim (w/m/23) stated that he was walking in the 3000 block of N. Charles St. when he was approached from behind by 4 black male suspects. The suspects stopped the victim and told him “to give it up”. The suspects then stole the victims I-phone, cash and gift cards and then fled on foot south on N. Charles St.

On the same date at approximately 20 minutes later 2 sisters reported that 4 black males attempted to rob them in the 2900 block of N. Charles St. The sisters stated that the suspects demanded their money , cell phones and anything else they had. The sisters repeatedly told the suspects that they didn’t have anything on them. The suspects then fled south again on N. Charles St.

Officers began canvassing every street and alley in attempt to locate these suspects before they committed another robbery. Officer James Chase located 4 possible suspects in the 2600 block of Hunter St. The suspects were stopped and all three victims positively identified these individuals as the suspects that either robbed them or attempted to rob them. The suspects were placed under arrest and were charged accordingly. 3 of the suspects were juveniles (b/m/15, b/m/16/ and a b/m/17). The 4th suspect was an adult (b/m/23 Travon Monroe of the 2000 block of Wolf St.)

None of the victims was hurt. The property stolen during the robbery was recovered from one of the juvenile suspects and returned to its rightful owner/victim.

Here are a few tips to reduce your chances of becoming a robbery victim:

1.) Stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.
2.) Walk in well lit areas and use the buddy system when possible.
3.) Try to avoid flashing large amounts of cash and use ATM’s during daylight hours.
4.) Carry your purse close to your body and keep your wallet in an inside coat pocket.
5.) Keep your cell phone accessible to you but out of view of others.
6.) If you believe someone is following you, go to an open business or house that is lit up or occupied.