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Report from the Northern District

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This email was sent to community association leaders in north Baltimore:

The Northern District had a successful Halloween night. We ended the night with no acts of violence and no robberies ! As most of you know there were a lot of people out which made the potential for crime incidents great. With a crime strategy in place we were able to successfully prevent any issues. We were in many neighborhoods with our lights glaring and talking to the trick-or-treaters and many residents who were giving out candy. Today our Holiday Deployment will kick off with more foot officers in areas that have been researched and indicated as areas for potential seasonal related crime.

Where we have had our successes we are still being challenged with some of our neighborhoods being targeted for burglaries and larceny from autos. We are increasing patrols during the hours when the crimes are occurring in the affected neighborhoods.  When we work together with our residents we are very successful in making burglary arrests. This year we have made a total of 49 burglary arrests with 21 of those arrests being made in the 3 months since my arrival. As we increase our patrols, we are asking that you continue to look out for your neighbors and call if you see anything suspicious. We will continue to send out photographs of individuals arrested in your area. Please remember that the holiday season brings about an increase in thefts and robberies as we shop and take packages out of our vehicles. Stay alert and use a buddy system. Thank you for all your help in combating crime in our district. Because of your alertness we have seen a decrease in cell phone robberies.

Thank you,

Major Kimberly Burrus