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Remington’s Neighborhood Master Plan

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GRIA is in the last stages of moving our Neighborhood Master Plan through approval by Baltimore City’s Planning Commission! We are proud of the work our community has put into developing a strong framework to guide neighborhood changes for the benefit of current and future Remington community members. Once approved, it will be easier for GRIA to advocate for neighborhood priorities to be included in the city’s Capital Improvement Program, meaning we will be more likely to receive funding for major initiatives like traffic calming along the 28th and 29th Street Corridor.

The Master Plan process began in 2008 and was reviewed and approved by the GRIA membership in July 2015. Since then, GRIA has added “implementation tables” outlining the Baltimore City agencies and other partners who are key in accomplishing each goal outlined in the plan. These changes were reviewed and approved by the Land Use Committee, GRIA Board of Directors, and the General Body in 2016. You can review the plan at or find a printed copy at Charmington’s!

Our next community meeting will be devoted to reviewing the neighborhood master plan and demonstrating our community’s support to the Planning Department for the goals and strategies presented in the plan.

Meeting: Wednesday, January 17, 7-9 PM, 335 W. 27th Street, Baltimore, 21211