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Remington Master Plan

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What’s the Remington Master Plan?

The Remington Master Plan is a written document that describes what residents want for the future of the neighborhood. We’ve just started the process of getting ideas from the community so we can create a plan. Things like street lights, trees, playgrounds, stores, and traffic (and many other items) could be included in the plan. Do you want to see more lighting in the streets? Do you think we need more playgrounds or places for kids to play? Do we need more education opportunities for kids, like after-school programs or even a new school? What things do you like about Remington? These are the kinds of topics that will be discussed as we create the plan.

We want as many residents as possible to participate in the planning process. Once completed, the Master Plan could help guide future development and zoning—and it could serve as a the basis for future projects that residents complete, like more clean-ups or neighborhood walks. If you’d like to be involved, or have questions, please contact us at or call me at (717) 319—2936 (cell).

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