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Remington Youth Community Radio

    • Remington Youth Community Radio (RYCR) is a FREE radio documentary, community building and youth development workshop organized by Art on Purpose. It meets every Tuesday evening from 5:30 – 7:30 at Kromer Hall in the Church of the Guardian Angel. This class is for youth ages 9 and up who are interested in learning about their neighborhood and documenting it through drawing, writing, photography and story telling. Students are learning how to interview and edit audio stories so they can make ready for radio sound pieces. They may come knocking soon on your door to ask you to share a neighborhood story or ask your opinion on a community issue. If you would like more information, know a youth that would like to be involved or would like to be involved yourself….(be interviewed! help with the class! mentor a radio student! Lend your photography or audio skills! assist with class meals!) please contact RYCR program director Beth Barbush 410-322-7080 Also visit the main webpage here.

For the 2009 initial CD, download all the tracks at this webpage

For the 2010 CD entitled ‘Portrait of a Neighborhood’ Download all tracks at this webpage

For the 2011 CD entitled ‘Remember’ which is a showcase of local Remington musicians, download all the tracks at this webpage

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