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September 2019 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting 09/18/2019

Board Members Present: Maryanne, Jed, Corey, Phong, Aaron, Candance, Pete, Nellie

Staff Member Present: Carrie

Total Attendees: ~27

Start: 7:10pm

End: 8:06pm

  • Light city is looking to make a documentary involving neighborhood members
  • Michael Rosenblum will talk about how to switch to a 100% renewable electricity provider
    • Many solutions out there are a scam
    • Allows you to switch to renewable
    • 90 day cancellation of the contract
    • No fees
    • He will be coming back to describe his experience in a year.
  • Food and Water Watch
    • to discuss high water bills
    • Water and Accountability Act
      • Implement an Accordability Program
      • Establish an Office of Customer Advocacy
        • Would only advocate under the DPW
    • Petition passed around to support the bill
    • Councilman Stokes has not yet thrown his support behind the bill
    • Flyer attached for details
  • Councilman Bill Henry will talk about his campaign for City Comptroller
    • Baltimore’s form of City Government is strongly executive
    • Current comptroller has not published notes for the board of estimates, and hasn’t indicated any movement toward opening up these discussions.
    • Comptroller is in charge of audits, and in charge of the department of real estate.
    • Audits are posted online, but not promoted.
  • Community input on traffic concerns in Remington
    • Trying to prioritize the worst intersections and streets.
  • Dumpster Day
    • Saturday October 19th starting at 9am
  • We will be taking a collection for community members who are not able to attend the “Celebration of the Ministry of Pastor Alice”