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New Zoning Code

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Public Meetings Scheduled on New Zoning Code
This year, we introduced the first rewrite of Baltimore’s zoning code in over 40 years. Known as TransForm Baltimore (City Council Bill 12-0152), the goal is to update and simplify the City’s outdated zoning code while promoting economic growth, streamlining the development process, improving urban design, and preserving the unique character of Baltimore’s neighborhoods.
The new code provides a framework to help implement our goal to grow the city by 10,000 families over the next decade. Baltimore’s future growth will be dependent upon creating new mixed-use redevelopment downtown and at Transit-Oriented Development sites while accommodating a modern mix of uses and enhancements to the city’s urban design quality throughout the City. The zoning code will also provide balance and compatibility between areas for new development, protection for areas with distinctive community character, and preservation of areas with job-producing benefits.
The first priority of our zoning code should be to promote growth throughout Baltimore. In the coming months, everyone will have an opportunity to review and share their thoughts on this significant step forward for Baltimore. We will ensure that this continues to be an open and transparent process—with lots of community engagement.
The new code reduces red tape by consolidating pertinent zoning rules and by peeling away layers of requirements that create obstacles to good development and investment. The code is an easy-to-understand document that adds a higher level of transparency and predictability to the development process.
There are three public meetings about TransForm Baltimore in the next two months. We hope that residents attend to learn about our new plan, and voice their opinion.
Wednesday, November 14, 2012, 5pm, War Memorial Building
Thursday, November 29, 2012, 5pm, War Memorial Building
Thursday, December 13, 2012, 5pm, BCCC-Liberty Campus
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