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May 2024 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Michele Baskin (Secretary), Corey Jennings (President), Sadie Baker

Staff members – Jennifer McKenzie, Amanda Rothschild

Total Attendees

~ 11, ~  on Zoom

Start: 7:06

End: 7:40

Votes: N/A

Zoom recording ; Passcode: ?u8ti7!t

Community Announcements

  • MountRoyal NightMarket! Friday May 17th 5-9 (3rd Friday of every month!)
  • Miracle Church – Facebook account
    • June 16th Men’s/Father’s Day event
    • Baptism in the Park and Back to School Supplies Aug 17th, can donate up to the week in advance (reach out to Jen who can communicate with Church
    • Praise Pooch Party (fashion show and talent show with your dog!) Oct 19th, will have trainers and treat vendors


  • RemFest wrap-up
    • Big success, look for economic impact information in the future
    • Remaining merch, will coordinate with Mount Royal, wait for more info
    • Vendor feedback – so organized and helpful volunteers, great communication
  • FishNet update!
    • Total gut renovation of the building, busting out the front space to open up to the second floor and have a green wall, late August opening, 10-12 indoor seats, hope for outdoor seating as well, everything is fresh fish focused (not frozen), side pick-up window along Miles Ave, maintaining a 1 bedroom apartment upstairs
    • Food truck back and around in late June, will be hitting the Night Markets
    • On Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race, airing in June
  • Grants updates (copy from the Board meeting)
    • 30th Street Park Shade Sail project
      • Waiting on info from Contractor and working with Parks and Rec team who would be involved with installation and approval
      • Will need Seawall to make up the difference between full cost and grant amount
    • Chesapeake Bay Trust
      • June 15th community planting date for the tree wells planted earlier this year
      • Have already identified and ordered 100 native perennials
    • Baltimore Community Foundation Grant – Applying
      • $20,000 for tree planting in Lower Remington/Old Goucher
      • Quarterly application cycle, by Aug 4th; no match required
  • No May Clean-up, big one in June on the 15th to finish off the planting of the native shrubs in the tree wells, Blacksauce sponsored, 9:30 am start time for summer
  • 26th & 27th will receive speed bumps during the paving season this year (2024)