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May 2023 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Corey Jennings, Michele Baskin, Aaron Brewer, Shayna Rose, Sam Solomon, Wynnona Engle-Pratt

Staff members: Jennifer McKenzie

Total Attendees: ~37

  • Start: 7:06pm
  • End: 8:25pm


  • Board Elections
    • Community vote to approve the members of the board for the 2023 to 2025 term.
      1. Called by: Kat Wunderink
      2. Seconded by: Malik Farook
      3. In Favor: 30
      4. Oppose: 0
      5. Abstain: 1
      6. Vote Passes
  • Presentation by States Attorney Ivan Bates
    • Darnell Wharton ( 410-746-0167)
      1. Liaison for the States Attorney
    • New Administration
      1. Freed Keith Davis Junior
      2. Lobbied for illegal gun bill
        1. Under 21 and Over 21 determined how many years in prison you would be sentenced to for possession of an illegal firearm.
        2. The bill brings both to 5 years.
      3. Hiring up assistant state attorneys and training them for the influx of cases that weren’t being prosecuted in the previous administration.
      4. Using citation/community court is proposed to deal with lower level infractions, to be implemented during/after 2024
  • Presentation by Baltimore DOT on 28th Street Trail and Bike Lane
    • Project Update – Clea Baumhofer and Chaquetta Wallace (
      • Alternative 1 (1 lane w/ parking both sides + multi-modal corridor on south side) is being further explored and refined. End of June/July project implementation date.
        1. Includes green cross zones crossing side streets, flex posts and hard wheel stops along multi-modal corridor
        2. Parklet Option 1 – Bikes use shared parklet space, narrowing of Huntington, 1 through lane, 1 right turn lane
        3. Parklet Option 2 (GRIA’s organizational preference) – All lanes shift around the parklet, 1 through lane, 1 right turn lane, both shifted to north side, slows the right turn from Huntington as well
        4. 28th and Howard – far left lane become left turn only, 1 through lane
        5. Sisson intersection proposed to be 1 left turn, 1 right turn, and 1 through lane, will include signage up on the 83 off ramp to prepare drivers
        6. Agreed to take a look at leading cross signal times
  • Introduction of Volunteer and Events Coordinator Jennifer McKenzie
    •, 410-914-8015
    • Helping with running volunteer flyering every month, supporting Hauntington, RemFest and monthly Community Clean-ups
  • Upcoming Events
    • Community Cleanup
      1. Saturday May 20th at 10am
      2. Meet at the Church of the Guardian Angel
      3. Sponsored by The Remington Bottle
    • Night Market
      1. Friday May 19th, 5pm-9pm
  • Community Announcements
    • Drip Market
      1. Brand Reseller
      2. Currently brand new items, but looking into second hand as well
      3. Opening next Saturday next to the Laundromat on Huntingdon
    • Lorraine Block Party
      1. Second Saturday of every month
      2. Dancing, Food, Grills
      3. Open to the entire neighborhood.
    • Charles Village versus Remington Softball
      1. Currently being organized, please reach out to Jennifer McKenzie
    • Basketball courts in Kromer Hall will be opened to the public soon
    • Donations and Joining GRIA!