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May 2020 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting 05/20/2020

Board Members Present: Maryanne, Aden, Josh, Corey, Nellie, Pete, Candance, Jed, Aaron

Total Attendees: 30

Start: 7:01pm

End: 7:44pm

Community Announcements:

  • General Announcements
    • Craig CGA/ Food Pantry
      • Guardian Angel food pantry, if interested in volunteering Tuesdays 12-3 packing up food, please contact Jane O’Leary at 443.629.5743

    • Amanda, Charmingtons
      • Charmington’s online ordering site: Please email if you have any questions about our grocery or carryout options, or if you need groceries delivered to your house! Grocery Needs Survey link:
 you can also just go to and get to the ordering page from there

    • Corey,  Remington Self Quarantine Support Network
      • Looking for any vulnerable persons in the community


  • LOS for Spruce up Grants for
    • Wyman Park Dell – benches, Information sign
    • Greenmount School – path behind school
    • Flowering Tree Trusts -path along wyman park drive
  • Slowdown of Wyman Park Drive


  • BGE
    • They have begun doing outreach for their work on Hampden and Miles Between 28th street and GMS
    • This is emergency work that is necessary
    • Please as needed park at GMS 
    • This will involve entering homes
    • Please reach out if you have any concerns.
  • Director of Neighborhood Initiatives (Amanda)
    • We applied for and received a grant for a community survey
    • Amanda will be leading the survey process
    • As it becomes safer, Amanda will be conducting this survey as directly as possible in the community.
  • Nominees for Board 20/21 (Phong):
    • Phong Le (President)
    • Corey Jennings (Vice President)
    • Emma Simpson (Treasurer)
    • Aaron Brewer (Secretary)
    • Josh Greenfeld
    • Maryanne Kondratenko
    • Candace Griffin
    • Samuel Beirne
    • Peter Morrill
    • Aden Weisel
    • Matt Williams
    • Shayna Rose
    • Shannon Conway
    • Wynnona Engle-Pratt
  • Community Vote
    • Community vote to affirm all candidates as a slate
      • 20 Approve
      • 0 Oppose
      • 2 Abstentions
      • Vote Passes
    • Community vote to affirm all 2020 candidates as board members.
      • 20 Approve
      • 0 Oppose
      • 2 Abstentions
      • Vote Passes