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March 2022 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Phong, Corey, Aaron, Maryanne, Matt, Pete, Shayna, Wynn

Staff member Present: Amanda

Total Attendees: ~32

Start: 7:10pm

End: 8:25pm



  • Board elections
    • We’re an active board and community
    • If you are interested in running for a board position, please reach out to
  • Baltimore Zoo
    • The Zoo’s primary mission is to advocate for animal welfare.
      • Previously it was more focused on showcasing animals
    • Major recent renovations
    • Was closed temporarily for COVID
      • Now Reopened
    • Several conservation efforts
      • Penguin release
      • Golden frogs reintroduction into Panama
      • The polar bear was relocated to a zoo with a more appropriate climate
      • Snowy owls
      • Bear relocation
        • Mother and 4 cubs were recently relocated from the region.
    • In the future
      • Looking to add animals which are appropriate for our climate.
      • Capital projects include a pedestrian walk around the boat lake.
        • Further plans to open the boat lake once water quality issues are addressed.
    • Has outreach programs to local Baltimore schools
    • Special exhibit starting on April 1st!
  • Liz Embry -Candidate for 43 Dist
    • Introduction
    • Q&A
  • Community Affairs Committee
    • We’ve been restructuring our board towards more specific focuses
    • RemFest Planning for 2022
      • If you’re interested in helping plan RemFest this year, please reach out.
    • Community Kitchen
      • If you know of someone who is food insecure, please reach out.
    • Contact:

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