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March 2021 Community Meeting Notes

DPW, Community Solar, John Brown Restaurant, Board Recruitment

Board Members Present: Emma, Phong, Corey, Matt, Shayna, Sam, Wynn, Pete

Staff member: Amanda 

Total Attendees: ~45

Start: 7:07pm
End: 8:02pm


  1. Land Use 
    1. Liquor Licences

Community Announcements

  1. Odette- 
    1. DPW Town Hall 
    2. 28&29th Street Traffic Calming, coordinating a neighborhood tour with DOT
    3. Vaccine priority is 21218, proposed site at the Y
  2.  Germaine Bradshaw from DPW
    1. Germaine Bradshaw, DPW Liaison Officer,, (443) 835-9084
  3. No Graffiti service in the budget, Costello and Stokes got that funding restored and they should be back on it 
  4. Please log graffiti spots so we can plan mural projects
  5. Where is our Housing Inspector? 
    1. Can GRIA lean on property owners who’s tenants are being fined for dirty back yards/alleys?


  1. Community Solar Programs (Michael Rosenblum,confirmed)
    1. How to Get Your Electricity from Renewables at No Added Cost: the Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program (for Both Renters and Home Owners): 
    2. Maryland Community Solar Pilot Program
      1. For renters and owners
      2. Above AMI save 5%, below AMI can save up to 25%
      3. 20 year contract, with no penalty for leaving, they just can’t kick you out for 20 years
    3. Check out the Maryland Consumer’s Guide to Solar.
    4. Common Energy is another company without a 20 year contract 
  2. Composting Conversation (Katie Jenike, cancelled)
    1. Unable to attend
  3. John Brown Restaurant (Robert Voss, confirmed)
    1. Whole animal, traditional butcher shop
    2. Potentially small seafood case 
    3. Same physical aspects
    4. Restaurant will serve food that is surplus from butcher shop, but make it fun
      1. Pizza in the hearth
      2. Lunch Menu from the original restaurant will be the bar menu
      3. Short seasonal menu 
      4. Local artist Mural where the chalkboard was, mural over kitchen space, 12 beer taps, fairly traditional bar concept (not a cocktail bar)
      5. Make space, food, and drinks accessible and relatable 
      6. Front door will move to 26th, outdoor dining on Howard
    5. Vegetarian/vegan options?
      1. There will be an abundance of vegetables on the menu, patrons can request vegetarian/vegan options
    6. Fire pit? 
      1. No seating, fire is community space, restaurant is only responsible for putting the fire out at the end of the night 
      2. Might add benches 
    7. Affordability
      1. Burgers, sides, pizzas, 
      2. All community members should be able to find something on the menu
  4. GRIA Office Hours
    1. Monthly, on the days after the community meeting
    3. Thursday, March 18th at 12-1pm 
  5. Dumpster Day Saturday, March 20th
    1. 26th and Huntingdon
  6. Ongoing projects
    1. Launched a Community Kitchen initiative with R. House Stalls to provide hot meals to over 70 of our neighborhoods who also rely on the Church of the Guardian Angel Food Pantry. This project is in its 3rd week and over 200 meals have been distributed. Link:
    2. Removed and reinstalled 6 windows through our Safe & Healthy homes initiative 
    3. Initiated a community-led design process for the traffic calming installation at the intersection of 27th & Remington. Neighbors in the houses immediately facing the intersection are being engaged first, we will open design sessions to the wider community in the near future. 
    4. Board Recruitment -letter of intent due