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June 2022 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting Jun 15, 2022

Board Members Present: Aaron, Corey, Matt, Wynn, Shayna

Staff member – Amanda

Total Attendees: 21

Start: 7:05

End: 7:53


Community Announcements


  • Bruce Willen for Ghost Rivers Project
    • A lot has developed since last summer
    • Making it’s way through city bureaucracy, but major hurdles have been overcome
    • There are 40 or 50 streams that have been buried in the city
    • One of these streams are the basis for this art installation going up in Remington and Charles Village
    • Will be made up of thermoplastics affixed to pavement and sidewalks
    • Signage will accompany the installation
    • Bigger Ghost rivers website will launch this fall:
    • Contact:
  • Baltimore Police
    • A fire occurred in the morning of 6/15 in Abell
    • Investigators are currently determining if there’s a pattern
    • 1 violent crime due to a carjacking
    • Larcenies are on the rise
      • 3 from the Exxon
      • 1 from the Walgreens
    • Traffic incident data is not immediately available, Corey Jennings to follow up
  • Community Kitchen
    • Restaurants are getting more traffic now
  • Community Affairs Committee
    • Last month we had our first meeting and some community members came out
  • Dumpster Day/Cleanup
    • Meet at Dumpster at 23rd and Hampden-east side
    • Next Saturday