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June 2021 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Phong, Aaron, Pete, Shayna, Corey, Wynn

Staff member – Amanda

Total Attendees: 45

Start: 7:05pm

End: 8:26pm


  • Vote to affirm LUC’s vote for a letter of support.

Community Announcements


  • Beer Release Party
    • Sponsored by Peabody Brewing
    • Proceeds will go to GRIA
    • Outdoor space for the release
    • Sunday July 25th from 2-5pm, Free Admission
    • Music provided by Superior Cling
  • Traffic Calming and Development Updates
    • 28th and 29th street, retiming the traffic lights
    • Pursuing more structural changes to those roadways
    • Applied to do an extension of the Big Jump to maryland ave.
    • Traffic calming should be installed on Huntingdon and Sisson.
    • Huntington and 26th 4-way stop is being proposed to become a traffic light
    • 401 W. 26th street redevelopment is in process with the land use committee, currently re-reviewing their plan based on feedback.
  • USPS Mail Delays
    • Had a meeting with the regional and general director
    • They apologized for delays and said the issues would
    • The facility does not have stamps and hasn’t been kept up
    • Informed delivery has suffered
    • Gave an excuse for not having sorters
  • Homeowners Tax Credit
  • Upcoming Plastic Bag Ban
    • Bag ban was pushed back to october 1st
    • Reusable bags are being collected at the waverly farmers market
  • DPW Q&A: Food Waste Pilot Program
    • Food scraps will be collected at dropoff centers around the city
    • Normal dropoff centers such as Sission Street
    • DPW will also be performing workshops across the city
    • Good Evening Everyone, I am your liaison for DPW
    • If you have any questions or issues, please contact me at (443) 835-9084 or email me at
    • For further information regarding the Food Waste Pilot Program, the website is:
    • Certain corners are especially problematic for dumping
      • DPW is currently doing walkthroughs of the neighborhood
      • GRIA will email Germaine with 3 date/times to propose for walkthroughs
  • Intro: State’s Attorney for Baltimore City
    • Darnyle K. Wharton – Community Liaison for the Northern District for the State’s Attorney Office 
    • If you have comments for feedback for the office of the state’s attorney, please direct them to Darnyle
      • If you have any questions about current, pending or past cases
      • Any hotspots in the neighborhood
    • The office is currently focused on public safety
    • Community engagement
      • Chat and chew – get all the community association leaders together to talk about shared issues in their neighborhoods.
      • Mock trial – will be presenting 
    • Is the SA currently working on any restorative justice programs or alternatives to incarceration?
      • Aim to Bmore program is one of the restorative justice
      • Corey to get more data on the percentage of people offered this program
    • Can you be more specific about a focus on public safety
      • A focus on violent offenders and especially violent reoffenders
    • Should local policing issues be forwarded to the SA community liaison?
      • Most local police issues should still be forwarded to the police liaison
    • Shouldn’t we fix the issues with our systems rather than the relying on liasons?
      • Agreed, BPD current has 48 different incompatible systems.
      • Consent decree was put in place to address these issues, and their implementation extends for years.
    • What work will the city manager be doing to fix these constituent service issues?
      • The mayor’s office could probably answer that question better
  • Community Announcements
    • R.House Community Kitchen
      • 7/21, 5-7pm: Free meal for low income neighbors. Get the voucher for the free meal and more details at the Guardian Angel food pantry Wednesday morning.
      • 8/4, 5-7pm: Free meal for low income neighbors. Get the voucher for the free meal and more details at the Guardian Angel food pantry Wednesday morning.
    • Sidewalk popup markets in front of B.Williow
    • Dumpster Day coming up 26th and Huntingdon, more info next month
      • It will also involve a community cleanup