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June 2020 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting 06/17/2020

Board Members Present: Phong, Aaron, Corey, Aden, Matt, Shannon, Emma, Josh, Pete, Candace, Maryanne, Wynn

Staff Present: 

Total Attendees: 40

Start: 7:02pm

End: 8:40pm


  • Sign Petition to End JHPD


  • Socially Distanced Trash Pickup Day Saturday June 27th from 9-11 at Sisson Street Park
  • Amanda Rothschild
    • Starting a COVID supply distribution via the free libraries
    • Conducting a neighborhood needs assessment.
      • Hoping to run the assessment soon, not yet ready.
  • Steve Holt
    • New rector of the guardian angel church
    • Also director of the food pantry
  • BPD Consent Decree (Stacey Johnson)
    • Consent decree was created in the context of civil rights abuses
    • Department of Justice, BPD, Monitoring all work together to fix the identified issues
  • JHU Policing (Michael Rosenblum)
    • Contacted GRIA a week ago
    • Started a petition to end the private police force
    • GRIA has joined as an organization and supports the petition
    • Letter to abolish Johns Hopkins armed private police force:
    • Police force does not have to follow the consent decree
    • Johns Hopkins has put a pause on the police force for 2 years
      • Letter does not ask for a pause, it asks for abolishment of the department.