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July 2022 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Shayna Rose, Corey Jennings, Aaron Brewer

Total Attendees: ~30

  • Start: 7:02pm
  • End: 8:23pm

Community Announcements

  • Uptown Press
    • When Remington was rezoned, we moved many of our industrial properties into industrial mixed use
    • The owner of the building is attempting to get a deed for the sidewalk that is currently owned by DOT.
  • Popsicle Night at Sission St. Park
    • Tuesday Night from 6:30pm to Sundown
    • Friends of Remington will be posted to if there are any weather cancellations or delays
  • Artworks is going into the intersection on 27th and Remington:


  • Newsletter
  • Presentation of Lower Remington Organizations including BMORE Community Food, Our Time Kitchen and others
    • BMORE Community Food – J.C. Faulk
      • Grew out of attempting to avoid food waste and trying to provide for the community
      • Has grown to multiple refrigerated trucks and walkup service
      • Mostly getting donations through 270 families that can sign up on wednesday and thursday
      • You can reach us at 301-674-2552 or
    • Our Time Community Kitchen – Catina Smith
      • Small businesses and popups can rent kitchen space
      • Office space will also be available
      • Currently have a few caterers, private chefs and bakers
      • @ourtimekitchen
  • Remfest Call for Vendors!
    • Our annual festival is back! Pushing it back to September 24th
  • Community Affairs Committee
    • Meeting on the 27th
  • Odette Ramos
    • Issues with people in the neighborhood getting the wrong voting information
    • Currently working on abandoned/vacant homes
    • Falls road traffic calming
  • Donations – Shayna