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January 2023 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Shayna, Aaron, Corey, Maryanne, Matt, Michelle, Mike

Staff member – Amanda

Total Attendees: ~26

  • Start: 7:05pm
  • End: 7:59pm

Community Announcements:

  • SURJ Baltimore Anti-Racist Legislative Day
  • Speed bumps and stop signs are needed in the neighborhood.
    • Neighborhood has experienced high speed car issues
  • Church of the Guardian Angel
    • Replacing the front porch.
    • BGE has not provided the funds to fix the fox street alley
    • Food pantry donations were free during COVID, but those funds have dried up.
      • Looking for donations and forwarding any resources to shore up the food pantry services they provide.
      • Volunteering available Tuesdays at 9am to 10am
      • Please reach out to Craig at and
      • Please don’t dump garbage in the fox street alley, as the church needs to pay a private hauler to remove it.
  • Mayor Liaison – Lia Lynch


  • Board Recruitment
    • Please contact info@griaonline if you’re interested in becoming a board member
    • Looking for fundraising and grant writing experience
    • Looking for executive assistance such as note-taking and logistical support to replace our longtime board secretary.
    • April is when we’ll be voting for the next slate of board members.
  • Neighborhood Cleanups occur every 3rd Saturday of each month
    • Trash has built up around the substation and Clavel area.
      • Should be cleaned by the benefits district.
    • The Yes program ended due to lack of funds
    • Safe and healthy homes was piloted here in Remington, and it’s been expanded to the rest of the city
  • Job announcement
    • Volunteer and Events Coordinator
    • Part-time position for supporting monthly initiatives such as flyering, cleanups
    • Also supporting yearly events such as hauntingdon and remfest
    • 10-20 hour a week job
    • Please reach out to if interested.
  • Traffic Calming