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January 2022 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Phong, Aaron, Wynn, Corey, Pete, Maryanne, Shayna

Staff member: Amanda

Total Attendees: ~57

Start: 7:10pm

End: 8:20pm


  • ArtCentric – Chrissy Thornton
    • Had the first production in October 2019 in the space that was previously the Single Carrot Theater
    • Went offline due to COVID, and has really struggled during the past couple of years
      • Summer program was done virtually
    • Reopening the theater starting mid to late spring with a live audience.
    • Holding a block party on Saturday April 9th from 11am to 4pm to formally introduce ArtCentric to the community.
    • Q&A
      • Will you be working with Margaret Brent like Single Carrot was in the future?
        • We’ll be looking into that
    • Please contact for any further questions
  • Germaine Bradshaw, DPW
    • Modifications have been made to recycling collection due to sickness
    • DPW will be hosting meeting about the consent decree
    • Q&A
      • When will our area be getting the new recycling cans?
        • Early februrary
        • If you wish to get a smaller sized recycling bin, please call 311
      • When will the A/B schedule for recycling start?
        • It will start tomorrow, 1/20/2022
      • How long will the schedule last?
        • As long as it required and infection rates return back to normal levels
    • There were various rumors and reports of home invasions over the past week related to free masks targeting seniors, please be vigilant.
  • Dumpster Days
    • Phong’s favorite activity
    • Get both large and small items collected for trash
    • Schedule
      • March 19th 26th and Huntingdon – west side
      • June 25th 23rd and Hampden – east side
      • August 20 – 26th and Huntingdon – west side
      • October 29th – 30th and Huntingdon – north west side
  • Community Announcements
    • Odette
      • Running several cleaning and greening events
      • Traffic Calming on 28th and 29th
  • Marilyn Mosby
    • Introduction
    • Q&A