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Hauntingdon Update

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So we are off to a good start with a few good meetings and some progress… see below for what we are working on and If we have your porch activity listed yet. If you want to help make anything stop by my house on the next craft making night or come by and get supplies to make stuff at your house. Take a look at anything in red font (this is the stuff we need) if you have it laying around your house or want to donate any of this please let me know.

Next craft making night…please let me know if you can make one of these times

Monday September 27th at 7pm or
Tuesday September 28th at 8:00

I cant do Wed this week. Please let me know if you can come either of those times. Thanks!



Things to make for decorating the block:
gravestones – large and small pieces of cardboard
painted backdrops(themed for individual porches – bloody, ghost like, cemetery, zombified…etc) – sheets
scarecrows – old clothes straw/hay barrels
giant bugs – trash bags stuffing, wrapping paper rolls
Individual signs for porch activities – foam core, cardboard, corregated plastic

random things we need:
red acrylic paint
duct tape
large pieces of cardboard
any scrap pieces of wood
plastic doll parts (or whole dolls)
white balloons

Halloween things we will need:
lights (lots of them orange red purpole white)
corn stalks
black lights
anything spooky

Porch Activities – please let me know what you want to do
2942 – Zombification Station (Kelly and Adrian)
2940 – ?? What scares you Recording Studio
2938 – Ghost Darts
2936 – Spooky Science something? Erica
2934 – Killer Kodaks Photo Booth – Jenni Mary (photographers Eric and Linda)
2932 – Grove of the Grotesque – Keith and Emily (maybe Moira as a helper?)
2930 –
2928 –
2926 – last year Dunking Dolls (Lynda?)
2924 –
2922 –
2920 –
2918 – No activity on porch but on sidewalk is fine (Pumpkin toss? Victor)
2916 –
2914 – Puppet Show Theatre
2912 – Scary Apothecary
2910 –
2908 –
2906 –
2904 –
2902 –

Do you have a porch with no activity ideas? steal one of these
painting pumpkins
Pin the tail on the devil
Spooky sounds
Something spider themed, witch themed?

Do you have an idea and no porch?
I will match you up with a porch. There are many porches with no one to help run an activity – dont be bashful…help run an activity!

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