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GRIA urges City Council to pass Transform Baltimore

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The GRIA Board submitted a letter to Baltimore’s City Council members urging them to take action to pass the zoning code rewrite, last updated in 1971. The rewrite has been years in the making and has gone through numerous public review processes. GRIA and Remington residents have worked diligently to submit proposals and edits to the maps and zoning descriptions. Remington is waiting patiently for important changes to take effect that will allow us to make our neighborhood more walkable, active, and sustainable. Transform Baltimore promises to bring the flexibility that both Remington and rest of Baltimore need to be competitive with other modern cities across the globe.

Read the full letter: Letter to City Council

Write to your City Council member and tell them to act on passing Transform Baltimore!

12th District: Carl Stokes <>

14th District: Mary Pat Clarke <>