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January 2020 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting 01/22/2019

Board Members Present: Phong, Nellie, Corey, Aaron, Maryanne, KC, Jed

Staff Present: Carrie

Total Attendees: ~20

Start: 7:04pm

End: 8:33pm

Community Announcements:


  • Corey voted in as Vice President of GRIA


  • Communications
    • Remington Newsletter
      • We’re reinstituting the newsletter
      • Much simpler, one page printout
      • Looking for block captain to distribute the flyer
      • Looking for businesses interested in being involved
      • Less article focused, more community event and GRIA focused
    • New Website
  • Land Use
    • Letter of Support for the Dizz
    • Paving in Druid Hill Park
      • GRIA learned that Parks and Rec were moving forward with
      • Waiting for Rec and Parks to communicate
    • Next Land use committee
      • Feb 11th at 7:30pm
  • Dumpster Day
    • Saturdays from 9:00am to 11:00am (sometimes earlier)
      • March 21st
    • Facebook Event will be posted
  • Candidate Forum
    • Occurring on February 19th (instead of the community meeting)
    • Accepting questions for the candidates at 
  • BGE
    • We’ve been told in years past that we’re a test case for rolling out smart switches to the rest of the city
    • It’s been downhill from there
    • Uncommunicative and at times combative
    • We’ll be forwarding all community feedback of experiences with BGE to the upcoming hearing
    • Please submit your story to 
    • Public service commission
      • State agency which has attempted to introduce rules for BGE that wasn’t successful last session
  • Remfest
    • Website is up at
    • May 9th, 12pm – 9pm
    • Soliciting applications for Remington/Baltimore Bands