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Feburary 2022 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Aaron, Phong, Shayna, Matt, Maryanne

Total Attendees: 37

Start: 7:05pm

End: 8:17pm


Community Announcements


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  • Seawall presentation
    • Sission St. Redevelopment
      • The west side of the street has been in heavy talks in the last 3 years but that’s now in a holding pattern
      • The east side’s leases are about to expire, so they are moving forward with redevelopment of those buildings
      • Q&A
        • What level of redevelopment should be expected?
          • The building on Sission will mostly be left intact and redeveloped with the brick facade intact
          • The center courtyard 
        • Will the big jump on 28th st. make
        • This doesn’t seem to match the mixed zoning we pushed for a few years ago
          • We will be looking to add a 4 to 5 story residential block to this area to match the mixed use vision
        • I’m not sure how we could safely add a nursery to that block of buildings without putting young people in danger of the traffic surrounding it?
    • The Brick and Board building
      • Planning to demolish the original building and install a 6 story residential building with a 
      • The first floor dedicated to a maker space
      • Second floor will be offices
  • Timothy Adams for State Comptroller
    • Introduction
    • Q&A
    • You can learn more about Mayor Adams campaign at
  • Brooke Lierman for State Comptroller
  • Dumpster Day
    • 19th of March