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December 2022 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Aaron, Corey

Staff member – Amanda

Total Attendees: ~12

  • Start: 7:05pm
  • End: 7:59pm


  1. GRIA End of year report
    1. Guests at Community Meetings
    2. Committees
    3. Remfest
    4. Hauntington
    5. Safe and Healthy Homes
    6. Community Kitchen
    7. Dumpster Days
    8. Community Cleanups
    9. Ghost Rivers Project
    10. Traffic Calming
  2. Church of the Guardian Angel food pantry presentation
    1. Serves remington residents without requiring any income or prerequisite requirements
    2. At the end of the year, the CARES funding will dry up, but we have food overstocked until May or June
    3. Need funding to sustain the food pantry for the next year
    4. Need volunteers to help with deliveries and logistics
    5. Donation Link for the Food Pantry:
    6. Working with GRIA on restarting the community kitchen
    7. Volunteer opportunities Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. Contact: and 410-929-1495
  3. Update on traffic calming in Remington
    1. 28th st. traffic calming update
      1. The city hasn’t performed community outreach and has stalled the expansion
      2. We’re heading up against a grant deadline
      3. More information will be coming soon
    2. 29th st. has had some minor alterations
    3. A year ago we were promised by Councilman Stokes that traffic light timings would be halved on 28th and 29th, this hasn’t been completed yet.
  4. Community Announcements