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August 2020 Community Meeting Notes

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GRIA Community Meeting 08/19/2020

Board Members Present: Phong, Aaron, Aden, Josh, Shannon, Matt, Shayna, Wynn

Staff member Present: Amanda

Total Attendees: 33

Start: 7:09pm

End: 8:09pm

Votes: None

Community Announcements:

  • Dumpster Day August 22nd, Huntingdon and 26th Street
  • Community Mediation Center – Aja
    • Inclusive model of mediation
    • Open space for unbiased open communication and conflict resolution open to the neighborhood
    • Focused on the residents of Baltimore City, although there are sister services for residents outside the city.
    • Some examples are neighbor disputes, roommate conversations, preemptive discussions before getting into a situation, prisoner mediations, and workplace/employer mediations
    • All mediations are voluntary
    • Free mediation training and volunteerism
  • Street Calming on 27th and Remington
    • Used grant money usually used for more permanent installations for temporary improvements due to COVID
    • Completed:
      • Sweet 27 sidewalk extensions
      • Mount Royal Soaps/Tea Shop sidewalk extensions
      • 27th St. Slow Streets
    • In Progress:
      • Get Shredded
    • If businesses wish to be considered for these types of improvements should contact 
    • New bump outs will be installed at the corner of 27th and Remington, with a new plaza to be available.
  • Franca Mueller Paz – City Council District 12 Green Party Candidate
  • Final Items: