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August 2019 Community Meeting Notes

GRIA Community Meeting 08/21/2019

Board Members Present: Leah, Phong, Emma, Candace, Nellie, Jed, Cory, Bill, Aaron

Total Attendees: 41

Start: 7:08pm

End: 8:09pm

Community Announcements

  • Dumpster day was a success.
  • Water bills are coming out, please get in contact if you do not receive one by the end of the month, please contact
    • Some residents may qualify for assistance
  • Codex Club is opening on Saturday, September 7th at 10am


  • Clean Water Action – to talk about sewage back-up issues in the city
    • 5000 sewage backups a year
    • Much of the time, the city is liable for backups
    • Even the new consent decree limits a lot of people from access to repair funds
      • Very restrictive rules
      • 8% or less claims are processed and closed
  • Updates on JHU Public Safety and Security
    • Several community leaders were invited to talk about the JHU police force
      • GRIA’s Phong and Carrie attended
      • VP of security, Melissa Hyatt has left JHU
        • Position is required to move forward
      • Met the hiring committee for this position
        • Asked for input about the attributes that would qualify the position.
      • Talked in general terms about the private police legislation
        • MOU is defined between the Police and JHU
      • Looking for feedback on 3 key things:
        • Key Qualifications
        • Key Experiences, Key Background
        • How would we like to be introduced to this person
      • Please send feedback to 
      • More information can be found at