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Arrests made in Guilford thefts

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Major Kimberly Burrus of the Northern District has reported arrests made after a package was stolen from the porch of a house in Guilford:


On 7 Dec. 2013 at approximately 5:30 pm Officer Randall of the Northern District was on patrol in the 100 block of Highfield Rd. within the Guilford community. At that time she observed 3 b/m juveniles walking, one of whom was carrying a brown box. Officer Randall watched the juvenile who was carrying the box, open it up, remove the contents and place same up his sleeve then discard the box on the ground. At that point Officer Randall instructed the juvenile to pick up the box and asked if it in fact belonged to him. The juvenile stated that he found it. Officer Randall requested the juvenile to return the contents from the box that he concealed up his sleeve. The juvenile handed over the box and immediately fled on foot. Officer Randall stood by with the other two juveniles as back up units canvassed the area for the juvenile who fled on foot.
After identifying the other two juveniles she responded to the address on the box that the juvenile opened which was in the 200 block of E. Highfield Rd. The owner who the packaged was addressed to stated that no one had permission to take the package from her residence.
Meanwhile a Guilford resident flagged down Officer Tabron who responded to the area to help look for the juvenile who fled on foot. The resident stated that the juvenile that took off running was now hiding behind a tree in the 4000 block of St. Paul St. The juvenile was located and positively identified by Officer Randall as the one who was in possession of the now reported stolen package. The juvenile was placed under arrest, transported to juvenile booking and charged accordingly.
The juvenile arrested was 13 years of age and resides in west Baltimore. The other two juveniles were not charged in this incident.
This arrest is the direct result of the additional patrols added to the Guilford Community as promised at the Annual Guilford Community meeting in November. It is also an example of how citizens getting involved and sharing information with the police can help reduce crime in your community.

Holiday Package Security Tips
• Have the package delivered to your work address
• Have the package delivered to a stay at home neighbor
• Pick the package up at the delivery carrier’s address
• Request that your package be signed for and not be left on your porch
I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday season !

Thank you,

Major Kimberly Burrus