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April 2023 Community Meeting Notes

Board Members Present: Shayna, Matt, Wynn, Corey, Aaron

Staff member – Amanda

Total Attendees: ~19

  • Start: 7:05pm
  • End: 7:49pm


  • Baltimore Transportation Equity Coalition
  • First National Bank
    • Now Open
    • Good promotions
      • Direct deposit with 2500 with a certain amount of transactions
      • Home Equity Loans at 1.99 percent
    • Businesses get no charge checking accounts
    • Grand Opening June 8th
      • 9-5 Monday to Friday
      • Live Telebanking in the ATM area
        • 8am to 5pm on the weekends
  • Lorraine Block Parties
    • Streamlining them to be open to the entire neighborhood
    • May 13th 3pm-11pm
  • Night Market
    • 5pm to 9pm this Friday
    • Food Vendors:
      • Ekiben
      • Emmanuellas Cuisine
    • Any food vendors that are closer to the neighborhood
  • Volunteer and events coordinator
    • Hired to help plan events and organize our volunteer base.
    • Will be organizing flyering in the future
  • Community Needs Assessment
    • Presented last community meeting
    • Finishing up now
    • Looking for comments
  • Johns Hopkins Student Union
    • Here to interface with community associations
    • JHPD
      • Feels that it hasn’t been legally setup
      • Will be bargaining with Johns Hopkins in the legal sense soon
  • Dumpster Day
    • April 29th at 8am and generally full at 10am or 11am
    • Lower Remington at Hampden and 23rd
  • Donations and Joining GRIA!