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The Greater Homewood Community Corporation is looking for people to participate in an event called Community Design Lab, which will be part of GHCC’s Neighborhood Institute on March 8.

According to Carolyn Greenspan of GHCC:

The Community Design Lab is a unique way to get new ideas and new energy around a project that someone is working on through collaborative problem solving.

Here’s some more information about the Community Design Lab process:

The CDL operates by having pre-selected people (the “topic owners”) bring a question about their project to the event. One table will be devoted to each featured project and will give project leaders a chance to brainstorm with other attendees at the event using activities based in design-thinking methods. The session will be fun, creative and interactive.

Here are some examples of past topic owners and their questions:

• MD Non-Profits asked, “How might a non-profit network support its members to achieve greater impact collectively than they would through individual efforts alone?”

• BNote asked, “How might we inspire routine use of local currency by individuals and organizations at a substantial enough scale to strengthen the local economy?”

• Bikemore asked, “How might we increase bike ridership, particularly in low resource communities?”

On February 10, we’ll have an information session from 6-8pm at the Greater Homewood office. At the meeting, we’ll help people to identify what aspect of their project they want to work on with the group.

We’ll also walk through what to expect in the session and what may be helpful to think about in advance. Even if you are unsure whether this process fits with your project, that’s not a problem.

Join us at the info session and learn more. For more information and to RSVP, please contact me.

Carolyn Greenspan
MSW Community Organizer
Greater Homewood Community Corporation
3503 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21218
(p) 443-692-7126
(f) 410-261-3506

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